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Sep 1, 2014 → Sep 5, 2014
Key Skills
“I’d like to think that my students would do what Michael Geheren, DePaul University, did when he woke up and saw that a fire at an air traffic control facility had halted traffic at Chicago’s two major airports. He messaged me and my co-chair Katia Hetter to ask: Did you want a story? I can localize it. Answer: Yes! And lucky Michael, because Katia covers travel for, so she worked with him to shape this story. He owned it for the next two days because he pitched a followup with tips on how stranded ONA attendees could get help.We want to be turning out students who look at the latest tools and gadgets and think: “How can I do some journalism with that?””

Michelle Johnson, Associate Professor of the Practice, Online Journalism, Boston University. Former editor for the Boston Globe and